What Hepatitis A Symptoms

Are Experienced By People Infected With The Hepatitis A Virus?

Hepatitis A happens to be a highly contagious viral liver infection, which occurs because of the hepatitis A virus and feeling as if they have the flu is among the hepatitis A symptoms. The hepatitis A virus happens to be among the various types of hepatitis viruses, which are the reason behind the inflammation that affects the ability of the liver to function properly.

People usually contract hepatitis A after coming in close contact with a person who is already infected or from contaminated food. People living together with someone already infected can easily contract hepatitis A. Young children contract it very easily, and can easily spread it to others.

No treatment is required for mild cases of hepatitis A, and recovering from this disease without any permanent liver damage is quite possible in most cases. Hepatitis A certainly happens to be very contagious, but it can be prevented if good hygiene is practiced, such as frequent and proper hand washing. People who want to reduce their risk of contracting this disease by getting effective vaccines.

Do Symptoms Always Occur In The Case Of Hepatitis A?

There tends to be plenty of variation and often a person age determines the hepatitis A symptoms they may experience. At times, no noticeable symptoms are experienced by some people. However, often people infected with hepatitis A actually feel and look ill. In some cases, changes are noted in liver blood test results, and in other cases, no such changes are noted.

People infected with the hepatitis A virus who do not experience any symptoms are considered “asymptomatic.” In majority of cases, children under the age of six who are infected with the hepatitis A virus do not experience or show any symptoms. As their age increases, complications and symptoms of the disease become more common.

Usually, it takes at least 2 and 4 weeks after contracting the hepatitis A virus for symptoms to appear. However, some people experience the first symptoms anywhere between 15 and 50 days.

What Are The Hepatitis A Symptoms?

Often, when symptoms initially occur, they mimic the flu and tend to be vague. Usually, the following symptoms are experienced by people with hepatitis A:

— Extreme tiredness– Loss of appetite– Low-grade fever– Muscle aches and pains– Nausea and vomiting
It takes a few more days for symptoms of liver problems to occur, such as:
— Dark urine– Itchy skin– Jaundice (yellow skin)– Light-colored bowel movements– Scleral icterus (yellow eyes)– Stomach pain

The following symptoms are also experienced by children who are infected with the hepatitis A virus:
— Cough– Sore throat– Symptoms of cold

A more severe case of hepatitis A can also occur in people with chronic liver disease and those over the age of fifty, which is known as fulminant hepatitis A. It can result in the following symptoms:
— Blood clotting problems– Changes in alertness and confusion– Yellowing of the eyes and skin– Worsening of liver function
During a medical examination of a person infected with the hepatitis A virus, doctors usually find the following:
— Swollen liver and spleen– Tenderness in the upper right side of the stomach


The amount of time it takes for hepatitis A symptoms to go away can vary from one person to another. The above symptoms occur between mild and severe. Mild symptoms do not last more than 2 weeks, while it takes at least 3 weeks for most people to get well.

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