What about mesothelioma cancer?

There are so many kinds of cancer in this world. We know about breast cancer, lung cancer, cervix cancer, and so on because those cancers often happen around us. What about mesothelioma cancer? Do you know it? Mesothelioma cancer is a cancer that attack mesothelium cells which protect many internal organs in our body. It usually appears in upper layer of lungs. It rarely happens in abdomen and heart but it’s possible. If it happens in the lung, it will damage the lung. Like other cancer, mesothelioma cancer is also very dangerous. People who have this cancer are usually late to realize that they have that cancer in their lung. It is because the symptoms look like common illness. So, they usually realize that they get a dangerous illness after they are in stage III or stage IV. It’s considered too late. Here, we will inform you about the cause of mesothelioma cancer and the treatment for it. It will be very beneficial for you so that you can prevent it.

Cause of mesothelioma cancer

This dangerous cancer is developed within human body because too much exposure to asbestos. When people breathe, asbestos particles might enter to their lung. It takes 40 up to 50 years for asbestos to be accumulated in the lungs. During that time, it causes injury in the lungs. Because of the injury, the cells in lungs try to eliminate the particles. Yet, the particles are hard to be eliminated. After a long time, it can cause the cancer cells to develop in the lung. Factory that uses asbestos as the main material is the place that contains too much asbestos. People can inhale asbestos particles easily. The workers there will have high risk of mesothelioma cancer. Their families might get the cancer too because the workers might carry the asbestos particles within their clothes to their homes. Asbestos is very popular for its resistance to heat. So, it’s used widely in building construction. Yet, because of the threatening of the cancer, the use of asbestos is restricted in many countries.

Treatment for mesothelioma cancer

Like other cancers, mesothelioma cancer is hard to be cured. If people are already in stage IV, they are really hard to be healed. To eliminate the cancer, doctors usually will give three options to the patients. The three options are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Those three ways are often used to cure the patients who have mesothelioma cancer. With those ways, many patients are saved. The surgery is usually only for the early stage because the cancer cells are still not spread to wide area and deep within the lung. So, the surgeon can still cut and then throw away the cancer cells and the area that is already infected by the cancer cells. Usually, doctors will also apply the radiation to the patients after the surgery so that the cancer cells will not develop anymore. For late stages, III and IV, radiation and chemotherapy are used to the patients. Chemotherapy is proven to be effective in curing the patients. It increases the number of the survivors of that cancer.

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