Type 1 diabetes treatment

Carings for patients with diabetes mellitus type 1

We certainly know what diabetes is. A disease in which pancreas is not able to convert sugar into energy. This hormone is important to help the body cells convert sugar into energy. If that does not happen, then the sugar will accumulate in the blood and can reach dangerous levels.

Diabetes itself divided into 2 types.

Type 1 diabetes in which the body absolutely cannot produce the hormone insulin, so of patients must use insulin injections to regulate their blood sugar. The disease attacks in children and teenage, aged under 19 years.

Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes that is often encountered. Where the hormone insulin that is produced does not enough for the body, as this type of diabetes usually affect those aged over 40 years, obese and have a family history of diabetes. Characteristic features of those who suffer from diabetes are, thirsty and drink a lot, hungry and eat a lot, frequent urination, weight loss, blurred eyes, the old wounds heal, easy skin infections, urinary tract and gums, pain or not feeling anything at hand and foot, the body feels weak, drowsy easy.

To determine whether we suffer from this disease or not we can check to laboratories. There are several blood tests that we have to do. A patient with type 1 diabetes treatment and type 2 diabetes treatments is almost the same.

When there we or our families were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the type 1 diabetes treatment should be doing blood sugar levels regularly. There are some tools that we can use to check your blood sugar levels. This tool will give us information about blood sugar levels, the size of a mobile telephone. The sensor of this instrument will measure the glucose in the body every 10 seconds, and will send information to the tool.

This system will record the average blood sugar levels every 5 minutes to 27 hours. With measurable blood sugar, your doctor will tell you, what you should do for our activities. After that we can use to stabilize insulin as a hormone our helper. We can inject insulin into our body or we can pump it into our body.

Insulin treatment should be regular and in accordance with the doctor’s orders not too often or too little, because our blood sugar will also be disturbed by it. If we feel a reaction occurs when insulin is given into our body, then consult to doctor.

We could neutralize by drinking or eating some certain carbohydrates, such as milk, glucose tablets, etc… And no less important are to always work with the doctor who has examined us, so that our health is always maintained.

For diabetics regular exercise, such as cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, necessary to burn calories. Check your blood sugar levels before exercise; adjust the insulin dose before exercise. Eat a light meal before or during exercise. There are many myths that developed in the community that a diabetic should not eat certain foods. In fact, people with diabetes can eat anything, and there are no food restrictions. You can also eat sweet foods, as long as not too much, in order to balance the diet that we do.

The key is we have to know what a good way to balance insulin therapy, food and physical activity levels. And family support is also important to being able to help reduces the pain suffered from patients with type 1 diabetes treatment is helps check blood sugar levels, counting carbohydrates should be consumed, assist in emotional terms. Or we can join the community of people with diabetes.

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