How is Hepatitis c Transmitted

Hepatitis C can be simply defined as a type of liver infection which is caused by the HCV (Hepatitis C Virus). This disease will drastically damage your liver, and it is very important to know the ways to prevent its transmission. Please read down to know more about how is hepatitis C transmitted.


How is hepatitis c transmitted through Blood?

This is one of the most common method of hepatitis transmission. You will be infected with hepatitis if the blood of a person identified with disease enter your bloodstream. There are various probabilities of getting infected through blood, and one among the major one is nothing other than the sharing of personal hygiene objects. The chances of getting infected will be more if you are sharing razors or tooth brushes with a person who is a victim of Hepatitis C.

In some cases, even a small negligence in healthcare laboratories will also pull you to a person to the clutches of this disease. For example, you will get infected, if you get injured with a needle stick which has already got contacted with the blood of a Hepatitis C patient. The transmission of Hepatitis C is also quite common among drug users who used to share common syringes for injecting the substance in their body.


How is hepatitis c transmitted through sexual encounters?

Some recent studies have proved the unquestionable link between sexual encounters and the transmission of hepatitis c. Not all sexual behaviors will increase the chances of infection, but certain factors in your sexual life will increase the risks of getting infected. For example, the chances of getting infected to hepatitis c will be more if you have more than one sexual partner. People who are already infected with some STD or HIV are prone to Hepatitis C than normal people. Wild sexual encounters which will cause bleeding will also enhance the chances of falling in the deep clutches of this disease.


How is hepatitis c transmitted through body arts?

Nowadays, many people all over the world have started designing tattoos in their body, and this is considered as one of the most decent ways to enhance the style quotient. But this method of styling has a shady other side which many of us are not aware of. The risks of getting infected with Hepatitis C will drastically increase if you are using the service of an unregulated setting for your tattooing needs. Licensed tattooing companies are considered to be safe, but you should always remember the underlying chances of getting infected in every cases.


How is hepatitis c transmitted through genetics?

Genetics also plays a crucial role in transmitting hepatitis c from one person to another. For example, if a mother is suffering from hepatitis c during the time of delivery, then the baby will have higher risk of getting infected to the virus. So, if you are pregnant, you should go for a blood check, and should make sure that you are not affected with HCV. In some cases, Hepatitis C will not show any symptoms, and in these times, the only way to identify the disease is by doing a blood check.


How is hepatitis c transmitted in our day to day lives?

Hepatitis C can be transmitted at any place and at any time. It can even happen in your home, and this will usually happen when your skin gets directly in contact with the blood of a hepatitis infected person. The chances of this occurrence is pretty rare, but you should still take some precautions to avoid the risk.

If your body gets applied with the blood of an infected person, then you should wash it with care, and should always make sure to use an antiseptic lotion or germ killing liquid for much better results. You should also make sure to clean and wipe any dried blood remains in your body. Dried blood is more dangerous, and it may trigger an infection.

Many people have various misconceptions about the transmission of hepatitis c. You should always remember that this disease will get transmitted only through blood. It will not spread through water or food, and this allows you to interact with a person with hepatitis c without any hesitation.

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