How is Hepatitis Type B Transmitted

Hepatitis B is a type of virus that can infect the liver. This virus can cause some liver problems, including liver failure, liver inflammation, and some other symptoms. All of those health problems can be called as hepatitis. This situation can cause acute and chronic illness. So, how is hepatitis B transmitted?


1. Sexual contact

Many people ask,”how is hepatitis B transmitted via contact?”. The virus is able to enter the body via break in the lining of vagina, rectum, urethra, or mouth. The hepatitis B virus can be spread from the infected person to the uninfected person very quickly. There is no complicated procedure for transmitting this virus. Sexual abstinence is believed to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of this virus. People can also use condom for reducing the possibility of spreading this virus to the uninfected partner.


2. Childbirth

When people ask,”how is hepatitis B transmitted via childbirth?”, they should take a look at this explanation. Newborn baby is able to get the virus from the mother. This situation can happen during the delivery process. When the baby skin touches the mom’s body fluid on the birth canal. It is very common to happen in most newborn babies because they don’t have enough immune system to fight against this virus. All moms should also understand that the virus cannot be spread via breastfeeding.


3. Sharing needles or other equipment

It is important to know that the virus can be spread via daily activities. So, how is hepatitis B transmitted via daily activities? This virus can move from one equipment to another item, such as spoon, cotton, plate, and some other items. This virus can be transmitted via water. People should also avoid sharing needles with their relatives or friends. The hepatitis B virus can be spread via needles that are used to inject illegal drugs.


4. Toiletries

Not many people know about this transmission method. There are some grooming tools, such as toothbrushes and razors, that can spread the hepatitis B virus. How is hepatitis B transmitted via toiletries? These tools may have the blood from the infected person. This blood usually contains this virus that can be transmitted to other uninfected person very quickly. It is recommended to have personal toiletries to avoid this hepatitis B symptoms in the future.


5. Body piercings and tattoos

How is hepatitis B transmitted via tattoos and body piercings? This virus can be spread via these items, especially when they are not sterilized properly. They may contain infected blood that can transmit the virus from the infected person to the uninfected person. The virus can enter the body directly via blood vessel. When people want to avoid getting this hepatitis B problem, they have to avoid using these tattoos or body piercings.

They are some common ways on how the hepatitis B can be transmitted. When people ask, “How is hepatitis B transmitted?”, they can take a look at some of those ways. It is a good idea to take the vaccine for fighting against this virus. Some doctors recommend their patients to take the hepatitis B vaccination.

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