Cure Diabetes Type 2 with Diabetes Treatment Algorithm

Diabetes mellitus are one of the dangerous disease that have been killed a lot of people in the world. Diabetes mellitus usually is caused by lack production of the body so that it cannot control the level of blood sugar. In fact, diabetes can be categorized into two types, type 1 and type 2. The significant difference actually can be found from the cause. Type 1 is caused commonly by what have been mentioned previously. The lack production of the insulin could be resulted as there is a damaged part in pancreas. Different with type 1, the diabetes mellitus type 2 resulted by insulin resistance. It means that there is no problem relates to insulin production, but the problem comes as the insulin cannot work properly to control the blood sugar.

Since the causes are different, the treatment and medication should be different as well. Type 1 needs insulin injection or pumping while type 2 can be treated by consuming medicine for diabetes. Type 1 is hardly predicted and prevented but type 2 can be easily prevented. Type 2 usually affects those who rarely doing exercise and do not maintain healthy lifestyle. From those characteristics, it can be defined that type 2 is less dangerous than type 1 and the chance to cure it bigger. That is why people try many in order to cure diabetes mellitus type 2.

One of the efforts that people try to cure diabetes type 2 is by using diabetes treatment algorithm. This is a tool that is created to help clinicians find the fast reference for diabetes treatment and prevention based on the standard guidelines from standard care and clinical practices. The algorithm mostly is the combination of the trustworthy system that is used by HIS division of diabetes and Indian health system. The diabetes treatments algorithm serves in various models. There is the one that is made to correlate whether diabetes will affect the hypertension or not. There is another example that is made to control the glucose in the blood. The other may make it t control the insulin. Some complication such as neuropathy also can be found its correlation with diabetes with this algorithm, and so forth.

In the model of diabetes treatment algorithm for controlling the glucose in the blood for instance, you will find the diagnosis of the diabetes first. It may include the preferred method of testing, the rate of Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG), the rate of oral glucose tolerance test, and also the amount of non-fasting laboratory glucose. Then after known about the diagnosis, the next step is by considering place on what phase of diabetes you are. If the diagnosis shows the result that the amount is under the standard so that you could in prediabetes phase. But, if the diagnosis tells the contrary result then you might comes in diabetes phase. If you have known on what phase you are, then blood glucose target should be made so that you can cure it quickly. The target commonly based on the people condition. The next step is making the treatment algorithm. It mostly includes several steps on how you should achieve the targets.

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